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Best Shonen that aren’t hundreds of episodes long?

Sep 07, 2023 09:32 AM

What is a good anime series that is not above 100 episodes?

1. Chainsaw Man

Best Shonen that aren’t hundreds of episodes long?

While some consider it a shonen, others would call it a seinen. A seinen is similar to a shonen but aimed at slightly older men, usually young adults instead. So this anime seems to be targeted at people in that middle age where they aren't quite younger boys, and they aren't quite young adults.

Because of this, it pushes the boundary a bit. It is a little more lewd than your typical anime, with a lot of focus on women's anatomy. But there is still plenty of action and an interesting storyline to break up the fan service. There are demons and fighting, and some pretty epic characters that almost anyone will enjoy watching

2. Assassination Classroom

Best Shonen that aren’t hundreds of episodes long?

Assassination Classroom was turned into a live-action, but before that, it was a shonen anime and manga. It is an absurdly comedic anime about an alien octopus that wants to destroy the world. In order to stop him, he is teaching a group of students how to fight him in the hopes that one will succeed before time is up.

Despite this strange setup, he becomes one of the best teachers that the class has ever had, making sure everyone has the chance to learn and grow. It is an interesting story that has a quite deep plot under all the crazy shenanigans that ensue.

3. Beelzebub

Best Shonen that aren’t hundreds of episodes long?

Beelzebub is a hilarious shonen anime about a juvenile delinquent. He is the strongest of all students in the high school for delinquents like himself, and he looks like he is on a path to continue his behavior until he comes across a baby.

Unfortunately, this isn't just any baby. The baby is Beelzebub, who is the son of a demon on the path to taking over the world. All sorts of hilarity ensues when they are put together, especially when the strongest delinquent has to find someone stronger than him to take over the baby, or he will face death.

4. Blue Lock

Best Shonen that aren’t hundreds of episodes long?

Sports animes became a big thing in the shonen genre, and dozens were released focusing on a range of sports from swimming to basketball. Like isekai anime, they quickly became overdone and avoided by much of the anime community for being repetitive and predictable.

But Blue Lock looked to break that stigma and managed to do so. It quickly became one of the most anticipated anime in 2022, when it was released. Instead of a typical team sport where everyone works together, Blue Lock was about becoming the absolute best soccer player, even if that meant betraying the rest of your team.

5. Spy Family

Best Shonen that aren’t hundreds of episodes long?

Spy Family is a shonen anime animated by the much-loved studio CloverWorks. Though it is a shonen, it is also quite a unique one as a young male is not the main character. Instead, we have a little girl who is a telepath, with her adoptive parents; a spy, and an assassin. If that isn't enough, their dog can see the future.

The story follows the family along, as they try to appear normal to blend in, while following their duties. The father, masquerading as a doctor, constantly runs off to be a spy, while the mother often uses her strength and power to stop purse snatchers and people trying to hurt her adopted daughter. It's a mix of funny, interesting, and heartwarming, as we see the importance of found family.


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