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Can someone recommend me heist anime?

Aug 28, 2023 09:59 AM

1. Great pretender 

Can someone recommend me heist anime?

While fundamentally it’s a show about a group of thieves pulling off big heists against bad people, the real focus is in looking behind the con-artist facades of a cast of professional pretenders.

The series follows Makoto Edamura, a modern-day, small-time con man in Japan, who gets swindled by French gentleman thief Laurent Thierry into following him from Tokyo to Los Angeles. There, Laurent entangles Edamura in his plot to swindle a powerful film producer/mafia don out of millions in a fake drug deal.

2. Baccano!

Can someone recommend me heist anime?

This anime follows the characters caught up in three different incidents. In 1930, the Camorra family of New York City meets immortal people. In 1931, the passengers of the Flying Pussyfoot train heading to New York City experience something unusually insane as three groups of hijackers fight each other for control. Finally in 1932, a young girl is trying to find the truth about what happened to her brother. They’re three unrelated stories, but they somehow connect to each other as you realize the characters might be connected to each other in some insane way.


Can someone recommend me heist anime?

Anime can be violent. Very violent. One of the reasons anime works so well with this is because of how stylistic it is, making blood and action look better than ever. However, many violent anime also suffer from somewhat poor plotting, feeling shallow at best, as an excuse for more fight scenes. "Black Lagoon" is a little different: while it is still stylistic and looks good in its own way, it tries to be more raw and real at the same time. It also tries to push story to be equal to the action scenes, giving its characters more meaning and background story than most bother to do. The result is a depressing world, but one you still feel invested in.

4. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Can someone recommend me heist anime?

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners captures the essence of the Cyberpunk universe: Night City, crime, cyberborgs, gun fights, and flashy LEDs. The story follows David, a troublesome street kid with amazing talent, who learns to survive whatever punches Night City throws at him. After augmenting his body for the first time, he strives to become an Edgerunner alongside a gang of colorful characters. 

5. Super Crooks

Can someone recommend me heist anime?

Super Crooks is the story of Johnny Bolt, a petty criminal with the power to control electricity. After a brief stint in jail, Bolt and his girlfriend Kacey enter into a colorful crew of fellow superhuman thieves led by an elderly former crime lord. Together, they must evade the Union of Justice, a beloved group of superheroes, and The Network, a powerful organized crime syndicate that holds sway over supervillain activity.

6. Lupin

Can someone recommend me heist anime?

Lupin is a legend who shouldn’t need much of an introduction. He’s starred across various movies and TV series in his entire lifetime, and tackles a bunch of crazy heists. He’s a Casanova, a quick thinker, and a gentleman thief who takes after his grandfather – who you may have guessed would also be named Arsène Lupin. Lupon sports a variety of gadgets and weapons to get the job done.



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