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'Chibiham, Juicy & Me' Anime Posts Trailer

Sep 14, 2022 09:05 AM

The official website for Chibiham, Juicy & Me, the first feature-length anime by Ryō Nakajima's motion capture studio Ains, began streaming a trailer for the anime on Wednesday.

'Chibiham, Juicy & Me' Anime Posts Trailer

The anime will screen at the Shimokitazawa Tollywood theater in Tokyo on September 24 to 30. The anime centers on a chubby American named Chibiham who goes to Japan, as her friends are caught up in her antics.

Riki Ohkanda, an American who has been living in Japan for 20 years, is directing the anime, with Nakajima serving as producer and CG director. Aiko Matsushita and Reiko Honjō penned the script. Katsuyuki Iwasaki designed the characters. Yutaka Fukuda and Wataru Yokoi (Sanpo Yokoi) are the 3D modelers. Hiroki Itō is credited for recording. The Kyoto Connection is composing the music. Studio Ains produces the film with optical motion capture techniques also used in video games.

The cast includes Jennifer Lloyd as Chibiham, Shayna as Paprika, Mika Hijii as Juicy, Noa Iwasawa as Delmo, Hiroshi Ōyama as Kintama, and Akiko Iwase as Juicy's mother.

Sources: Chibiham, Juicy & Me anime's website, Comic Natalie

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