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Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

Sep 16, 2021 08:23 PM

There is one more episode left before the first season of Tokyo Revengers ends. After an emotionally tumultuous storyline, the penultimate episode takes on a more light-hearted tone with Hina taking center stage. It's definitely a welcome change from the dark tone that Bloody Halloween offered, but this episode promises a change in Toman as Mikey prepares to make his big announcement.

After visiting Kazutora in jail, Draken takes Takemichi on a tour around his home -- which happens to be at a brothel. There's an embarrassing and awkward moment when Takemichi thinks that Draken is gifting him time with a prostitute and is even looking forward to it. It's bizarre, especially since Takemichi is supposedly in love with Hina. For some context, sex with a prostitute isn't considered adultery in Japan since money is being exchanged.

Draken invites Takemichi into his room and thanks him for preventing Mikey from killing Kazutora. If it weren't for him, Draken admits that he would've done the same thing as Mikey and killed Kazutora as well. Toman is once again indebted to Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

Takemichi leaves Draken's place and spots Emma, who is dressed up and running straight into the arms of... Mikey?! Takemichi is even more shocked when Emma declares that she loves Mikey. Wasn't Emma supposed to be in love with Draken?

With Mikey and Draken now fighting over the same girl, Takemichi worries that he might see a rendition of the August 3rd battle, when Mikey and Draken were also on opposing sides. It just so happens that he's not the only one worried: Hina goes into Sherlock mode and wants to get to the bottom of things.

The three of them, along with Yamagishi, watch as Emma and Mikey go on a date at a cafe. According to Hina, Emma's eyes show that she's clearly in love with Mikey. Yamagishi reveals that Emma and Mikey have even taken the next step: they're living together! Hina gets so riled up that she marches straight toward Mikey and Emma to confront them.

To make matters worse, Draken appears with a mutinous look on his face. Takemichi is on the verge of an emotional breakdown as he watches Draken make a beeline for Mikey, Emma and Hina. However, the episode's rom-com feel is heightened when it turns out that Emma and Mikey aren't in some secret romantic relationship -- they're half-siblings! Draken gives a blushing Emma a teddy bear for her birthday present and leaves soon after.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 23

Takemichi is invited to the next Toman meeting -- the one where Mikey is set to make a big announcement. However, before he does, Mitsuya has a gift for him. As the president of his school's sewing club, Mitsuya has taken the liberty of making Takemichi's Toman jacket -- the first ever since he created the uniforms for the six founders. It's the least that Mitsuya can do, especially after all that Takemichi has done for them, from saving Draken to saving Mikey and Kazutora.

It's an enormous honor for Takemichi, who was only recently initiated into Toman, and although he was given Mikey's Toman jacket after he saved Draken, Takemichi has never worn it -- most likely because he didn't think he had reached Mikey's level and didn't think he was worthy enough. Even with his new jacket, Takemichi still has a long way to go in terms of growing into it.

As the Toman meeting gets underway, Mikey strolls up to the top of the stairs with two people by his side. One is Chifuyu, and the other is someone none of them expected: Hanma from Valhalla. After what happened in Bloody Halloween, it's strange that Mikey would have Hanma in Toman territory. Furthermore, it's clear that Hanma and Kisaki had been working together to manipulate Kazutora into thinking Baji betrayed him, but Mikey doesn't seem to be aware of Kisaki's involvement in Baji's death. Will Takemichi ever let him know? We'll have to wait until the final episode to find out.

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