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The Vampire Dies In No Time Episode 8 | Release Date

Nov 17, 2021 02:21 AM

The Vampire-Dies in No Time Episode 8 reveals Vampire Hunter Ronaldo and Draluc solving various cases. They thought they would have peace and enjoy their free time when they were off, but people kept coming to the HQ. In the morning, Vampire Draluc prepares breakfast for everyone, but the manager arrives talking about what he can make a naked woman wear. From The Vampire Dies in No Time’s latest episode, Ronaldo and Draluc were surprised to hear the manager can’t choose between socks and glasses for a naked woman to wear.

Ronaldo felt disturbed and told the manager to go home. But the manager decided to explain his case and reveals that he is serious since he wants to know what is best for a naked woman. Ronaldo gets angry, and Draluc tells him to relax since it might be some metaphor. Draluc thinks that the manager is trying to tell them something using the word naked and glasses. They heard voices of three boys shooting for help, and a vampire wearing a suit appeared behind those boys. He asks the boys if they are the kids participating in night amusements.

The vampire guys attack the boys, but Ronaldo arrives and protects the boys. He notices that it is that Vampire Hunter, and the boys wonder if Ronaldo is okay. Ronaldo told them that he was fine and talked about the naked lady and that fighting with that vampire guy is looking at touching the lady’s chest and asks if he wanted to feel her melons. The boy asks him why he is talking about the ladies’ chest. Ronaldo told them that it was not what he meant. The vampire guy reveals that Ronaldo is under his spell.

The Vampire Dies in No Time Episode 8 Release Date

The Vampire-Dies in No Time Episode 8 will be released on 22 November 2021. Draluc tells the Odd Creature to deal with Mr. Lewd, and they challenge each other to see who can come up with the lewdest words. Later there defeated Mr. Lewd, and Ronaldo met with a vampire lady that admired him. Draluc’s father visited the HQ, and he want Draluc to come home. Let’s look at The Vampire-Dies in No Time Episode 8 official details.

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