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Preview: Shaman King (2021) Episode 9

May 27, 2021 08:37 PM

Oyamada Manta is at the hospital and insists that nothing is wrong with him since he got involved in a street fight. Keiko Oyamada told Manta to listen to what she is about to say. Manko Oyamada comment that he won’t listen, momy. Manko reveals that Manta has a special friend that he hangs out with and skips school with. Manta can’t believe that his sister is not a secret keeper. Keiko is surprised that the short Manta has friends. Manta’s father arrived and said that Manta’s friend is Asakura Yoh, a boy from Izumo with a history of skipping school.

He reveals that Yoh is a student living with his fiance, and he wonders what kind of friend Yoh is. Manta’s father told his son that he asked Tamurazaki to be his bodyguard. Manta tries to go against his father, and he receives a big slap for talking back. Manta’s father reveals Yoh’s family has been witch doctors for generations. Keiko can’t believe that her son is hanging with Yoh. Manta’s father comments that if Manta lays down with dogs, he will wake up with fleas.

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Manta realizes that no one will believe him if he reveals the truth about Yoh. He knows that Yoh is the future Shaman King who will save this world from the evil Shaman King that will rise before Yoh. Manta’s father warns Manta to stay away from Yoh or become an idiot like Yoh. He left while saying that Manta will attend American Univesity when he gets released from the hospital. Manta realizes that the adventure of Shaman King with Yoh has come to an end.

Manta’s father also told him they are the world-leading energy development company and the likes of Yoh are not welcome. Manta realizes that he is the heir of the Oyamada company, stuck between his family’s fortune and his friendship with Yoh that will save the world. If he sticks to his company, the world might be destroyed, but if he chose both, everything would be saved. In the evening, Manta grabs a snack and realizes that his father hasn’t changed. But he is worried about the American issue.

Over Soul

Preview: Shaman King (2021) Episode 9

Shaman King (2021)

Manta walks through the passage of the hospital, wondering why Yoh hasn’t come to see him. He saw a room and realizes that Yoh might be in there. Manta enters the room and notices that the atmosphere is terrible. Amidamaru, Yoh, and Anna are in a bad mood. Yoh is severely injured with bandages all over his body. He reveals that Faust moved on to the next round after he defeated him, and it was Faust’s second victory. Manta apologizes since he is the one who screwed up and caused Yoh to lose.

Manta steps his first leg forward, and he stops when Yoh comments that Manta is an idiot. Yoh reminds Manta that he told him not to run, but he runs like a coward during the battle with Faust. He also said his dreams got almost shattered because of Manta. Manta can’t believe that Yoh is telling him that. Yoh told Manta to go, and he can’t hang with a loser, and Manta is no longer his friend. Manta reveals that he was ready to defy his parents and hang out with Yoh since they were best friends.

Manta left the room, and Amidamaru asks Yoh if he is sure about his decision. Yoh replies that it is okay and he can’t alone Manta get involved again. He realizes that Manta almost lost his life, and hanging with Manta will cause family chaos. Yoh reveals that Ren is his next opponent. He realizes that Ren has come back stronger ever since he defeated him. Yoh realizes that he is too weak to overpower Ren in this state. Later, Anna saved Tamo from a dog and a cat villain. Yoh and Manta reunites and Amidamaru get a new over soul.

Shaman King Episode 9 Release Date

Shaman King (2021) Episode 9 will release on Thursday, 27 May 2021, at 5:55 PM JST. You can watch Shaman King 2021 online on Netflix.

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