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Top Facts About All For One – My Hero Academia

May 05, 2021 09:53 AM

An evil being named All For One uses a special and powerful Quirk called the ‘All For One’ Quirk. All For One, the villain, uses his strong Quirk to steal various Quirks from users all around the country to give them to people who want them. Obviously, in exchange for different sorts of favors. The favors came in the form of loyalty. The people were expected to act as All For One’s faithful servants and listen to all of his orders.

The ‘All For One’ Quirk also has the ability to combine the powers of all the Quirks that have been stolen previously. As dangerous as the ‘All For One’ Quirk is, it does sound pretty awesome! We have handpicked a bunch of strange and unknown facts about this Quirk for you so that you can learn more about it. Feel free to go through this series of facts about the menacing and savage Quirk that we have carefully selected.

‘All For One’ Quirk is able to distribute all stolen Quirks

As mentioned above, the ‘All For One’ Quirk is able to steal various Quirks and distribute it to other people who need them. All For One, the villain, had initially created these evil creatures called “Nomu” who would help assist the League of Villains in order to achieve their goals and, indirectly, serve All For One and fulfill all of his wishes. The Quirks were distributed among various Nomu, who in turn was developed in such a way, that they were able to enhance the ability of their given Quirks and make it even more powerful.

Top Facts About All For One – My Hero Academia


The ‘All For One’ Quirk has weaknesses

Everything has a weakness and so does the ‘All For One’ Quirk. As deadly as it can be, it does have major frailty. The first flaw of the Quirk being that the ‘All For One’ user is unable to utilize the powers of the stolen Quirks once it has been given to somebody else. In order to use the powers of that particular Quirk, the user is required to steal it back. Sometimes, stealing a large number of Quirks can take a huge toll on the body of the user. It causes the user to gradually become sick due to cellular degeneration.

Top Facts About All For One – My Hero Academia

The ‘All For One’ Quirk is able to duplicate itself.

The duplicated version of the one ‘All For One’ is naturally less powerful than the original one. The duplicate ‘All For One’ Quirk was created by Shigaraki, the user of the original Quirk. The duplicate versions are not as dangerous or destructive as the real ‘All For One Quirk, but it is still extremely powerful. A few of the visible differences between both of the Quirks are that the duplicate can only steal the powers of eight Quirks and not more than that. On the other hand, the original one does not face such limitations. It is not known if the duplicate version is able to distribute stolen Quirks or not. Nine was the user of the duplicate ‘One For All’ Quirk.

Top Facts About All For One – My Hero Academia

Tomura Shigaraki From ‘My Hero Academia’, C(Bones)

The ‘All For One’ Quirk has more than one user

The ‘All For One’ Quirk has been used by three characters of the Anime series, as of yet. Shigaraki was the first owner of this infamous Quirk. Nine was the second person to have utilized the power of this Quirk. Although Nine did not receive the original ‘All For One’ Quirk, a mere copy of it which was not as strong as the first one. Lastly, the third user of the ‘All For One’ Quirk was none other than Tomura Shigaraki, who inherited it from Shigaraki. Being the original one, it was evidently extremely powerful.

Top Facts About All For One – My Hero Academia

The ‘All For One’ Quirk can get activated by touch.

We all know that the ‘One For All’ Quirk needs to be ingested into a person for them to be able to activate it and use its powers. Nonetheless, the situation is not as complicated as this when it comes to the ‘All For One’ Quirk. At will, any user of the ‘All For One’ Quirk is able to pass on this magnificently powerful Quirk onto the inheritor or someone else with a mere touch. Just a simple flesh-to-flesh touch is what it takes for the ‘All For One’ Quirk to jump from one person to the other, and consequently, get activated.

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