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The Kingdoms of Ruin Anime Casts Anri Katsu to Replace Junya Ikeda

Nov 16, 2023 08:58 AM

The official website for the television anime of yoruhashi's The Kingdoms of Ruin (Hametsu no Ōkoku) manga announced on Wednesday that Anri Katsu will replace Junya Ikeda as the voice of the character Oz in the anime. The production will release a new version of the anime's third episode, where the character appeared with spoken lines. The schedules for future episodes and the eventual Blu-ray Disc release remain unchanged.

Ikeda was arrested for allegedly participating in fraud on October 26. The anime had premiered episode 3 on October 21.

Happy Elements, the company that produces the Ensemble Stars! game and anime franchise, issued a statement on October 30 that it is still evaluating the situation regarding Ikeda before announcing a course of action. Ikeda voices the character Mitsuru Tenma in the Ensemble Stars! franchise.

Aside from those two roles, Ikeda's roles include Millions Knives in Trigun Stampede, Jō Kido in the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna and the six Digimon Adventure tri. movies, and Ataru Suruga in the Majestic Prince series and Majestic Prince: Genetic Awakening anime film. On screen, he played Gokai Silver in the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger series and Zen the Flame Sword Knight in the Garo franchise. Ikeda's talent agency BāRU canceled his contract following the arrest.

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