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Show Time! 2 Anime's Teaser Video Reveals January 2023 Premiere

Oct 06, 2022 10:10 AM

Anime Festa streamed on Wednesday a new teaser promotional vdieo for the second season of Showtime! ~Uta no O-nee-san Datte Shitai~ (Even the Songstress Wants to Do It), the anime adaptation of Mai Girigiri's Showtime! ~Minami O-nee-san Datte H Shitai~ (Even Miss Minami Wants to Have Sex) manga. The video reveals that the season will premiere on AnimeFesta, BS11, and Tokyo MX in January 2023.

The anime's staff also unveiled a visual:

Show Time! 2 Anime's Teaser Video Reveals January 2023 Premiere

The anime will broadcast on BS11 and Tokyo MX on Sundays at 1:00 a.m. JST (effectively, Mondays).

The first episode will debut early on AnimeFesta with the "on-air version" and "premium version." The on-air version will also stream on YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, and other sites.

Unlike many of the previous AnimeFesta projects, the main cast is the same for both the on-air version and the more explicit premium version of the anime.

The returning cast includes:

  • Rikka Kitami as Minami Takasaki
  • Hasshinsen as Shōji Fujimoto
  • Airi Akatsuki as Kana Fujimoto
  • Kanade Shirakami as Kazuhiro O-nii-san
  • Alice Sakurai as Pao-tan

Saburou Miura (My Matchmaking Partner is a Student, An Aggressive Troublemaker) is returning to direct and write the scripts for the anime at Rabbit Gate. Kenichi Hamazaki is again designing the characters, and LAZZ is returning as the chief animation director, as well as character designer.

Show Time! 2 Anime's Teaser Video Reveals January 2023 Premiere

The first season's premium version premiered on the AnimeFesta service, followed by the on-air version on the same day in October 2021. AnimeFesta's YouTube channel and other services also streamed the on-air version.

Ascendent Animation licensed the anime's first season, and it is producing an English dub.

Ascendent Animation describes the anime:

After the passing of Shoji's wife, “The Sing Along! Show” became a crux of healing for him and his young daughter Kana. After a chance meeting with the show's beautiful singing starlet, Minami, Shoji tries to start up a relationship—but is this single father ready to handle the realities of dating a TV personality? And can Minami ever find love working in an industry that requires her to keep up a pure and innocent appearance?

Suiseisha published the manga in print in September 2021. Girigiri also released the manga under the different title Uta no O-nee-san Datte H Shitai ~Konna Kao, TV no Mae no Minna niwa Miserarenai yo.

Source: Comic Natalie