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Sentai Filmworks Announces Kakegurui Anime's English Dub Cast

Oct 25, 2021 09:54 AM

Sentai Filmworks announced on Friday the English dub cast for its planned release of the Kakegurui anime based on Homura Kawamoto and Tōru Naomura's manga on Blu-ray Disc on November 30. The company also streamed a video for the dub.

The English dub cast includes:

  • Estelle Link as Yumeko Jabami
  • Adam Gibbs as Ryota Suzui
  • Cat Thomas as Itsuki Sumeragi
  • Andrew Love as Jun Kiwatari
  • Scott Gibbs as Kaede Manyuda
  • Olivia Swasey as Kirari & Ririka Momobami
  • Kalin Coates as Kumagusu
  • Christina Kelly as Mary Satome
  • Natalie Rial as Midari Ikishima
  • Hilary Haag as Nanami Tsubomi
  • Brittney Karbowski as Runa Yomozuki
  • Mai Le as Saori
  • Melissa Molano as Sayaka Igarashi
  • Courtland Johnson as Shinnoji
  • Maggie Flecknoe as Yumemi Tumemite
  • Genevieve Simmons as Yuriko Nishinotouin
  • John Gremillion as the Announcer

John Swasey is the ADR Director and wrote the ADR script with Blake Jackson. Brent Marshall is in charge of the mix. Patrick Marrero is the audio engineer.

The anime's first season ran from July to September 2017 in Japan. The series premiered outside of Japan on Netflix in February 2018.

The anime's second season, titled Kakegurui××, premiered in January 2019, and Sentai Filmworks announced earlier this month that it has acquired the season's rights. Netflix began streaming the series in June 2019.

Kawamoto and Naomura's Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler manga launched in Square Enix's Gangan Joker magazine in March 2014. Yen Press is releasing the manga in English.

The manga also inspired a 10-episode live-action show that premiered in Japan in January 2018. Netflix is streaming the series outside of Japan. A second season premiered in March 2019, followed by a live-action film in May 2019. A sequel live-action film opened in Japan on June 1 after two COVID-19 delays.

Source: Sentai Filmworks (link 2)

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