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Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage Anime Reveals English Dub Cast, Premiere

Apr 27, 2023 03:41 AM

Crunchyroll announced on Wednesday that it will begin streaming the English dub for the Ranking of Kings: The Treasure Chest of Courage (Ōsama Ranking: Yūki no Takarabako) anime on Thursday.

The returning English cast includes:

  • Emily Fajardo as Bojji
  • SungWon Cho as Kage
  • Christopher R. Sabat as Despa
  • Ben Phillips as Narrator

Caitlin Glass is directing the English dub with assistants Paul Cline and Emi Lo. Cline is also the ADR engineer, and Andrew Tipps is the mix engineer. Phillips is writing the English script with supervisor Jarrod Greene.

The staff for the new anime have been describing it as a "special episode" since its original announcement. The anime premiered on April 13 on Fuji TV's Noitamina programming block. There will be 10 total episodes that will get releases across two Blu-ray Disc and DVD box sets on July 5 and September 6.

The anime tells a story that has not been seen in the original anime, and it features a returning cast and staff. PEOPLE 1 perform the opening theme song "GOLD," and Aimer performs the ending theme song "Atemonaku" (Aimlessly).

The Ranking of Kings anime premiered in October 2021 and ran for two continuous cours (quarters of the year). Funimation and Crunchyroll streamed the anime as it aired in Japan and also streamed an English dub.

The web manga centers around Bojji, a deaf, powerless prince who cannot even wield a children's sword. As the firstborn son, he strives hard and dreams of becoming the world's greatest king. However, people mutter about him behind his back as "a good-for-nothing prince" and "no way he can be king."

Bojji is able to make his first ever friend, "Kage" (shadow) — a literal shadow on the ground who somehow understands Bojji well. (Kage is a survivor of the Kage assassin clan that was all but wiped out. No longer a killer, Kage now makes ends meet by stealing.) The story follows Bojji's coming-of-age as he meets various people in his life, starting with his fateful encounter with Kage.

Sōsuke Tōka has been serializing the manga on the user-submitted manga website Manga Hack and other venues since May 2017. BookLive is releasing the manga in English.

Source: Crunchyroll (Liam Dempsey)

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