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My Little Monster: Will There Ever Be a Season 2?

Aug 30, 2021 01:53 AM

My Little Monster is a popular romcom and shōjo anime that received one 13-episode season, adapted from the successful manga series by Robico. Since its 2012 debut, the show has seen heightened popularity in recent years due to Netflix and a reinvigorated demand for further content. Here's what happened in My Little Monster Season 1 and the likelihood it will finally receive its long-awaited Season 2.


The Plot Of My Little Monster

My Little Monster: Will There Ever Be a Season 2?

My Little Monster stars Shizuku Mizutani and Haru Yoshida, two classmates with completely different approaches to life. Shizuku is hyper-focused on studying and excelling in academics to secure a successful future. Given her intense devotion to studying, she has difficulty connecting to her classmates who call her "dry ice" and typically avoid her stoic demeanor. Meanwhile, Haru is known as the class bad-boy who's always skipping school and has a violent reputation based on previous rumors. Haru, who's actually loving and gentle toward others, doesn't care about the misguided speculation.

When Haru meets Shizuku, he immediately treats her like they're close while Shizuku admires his childish and carefree attitude toward life and others. Haru quickly falls for Shizuku, who struggles to pause her studies to pursue this unfamiliar feeling of love. They become friends with their classmates Natsume and Sasahara, who also grapple with new feelings. Together, the quartet engage in strange and wild antics -- like taking care of Haru's pet chicken Nagoya.

Toward the end of My Little Monster, Sasahara suddenly realizes his true feelings for Natsume. His hopes are crushed, however, when he discovers she likes Haru's older cousin, Mitsuyoshi, who's a father figure to Haru and owns the batting range where the friend group often goes to hang out. While their friends suffer in the name of love, Shizuku and Haru work to understand each other better to set the stage for a healthy relationship. Shizuku admires Haru's innocence and sincerity in loving her, hoping that she'll be able to return his genuine feelings. Season 1 ends with a mysterious new character showing up at Mitsuyoshi's batting range, seemingly gearing up for Season 2.


Will There Be A Season 2 Of My Little Monster?

My Little Monster: Will There Ever Be a Season 2?

My Little Monster is an anime adaptation of the shōjo manga series by Robico that ran from 2008-2013. The manga contains 13 volumes -- with a 14th bonus edition volume released in 2014 -- while the anime stops around the time of the New Year's party seen in Volume 4. Given the anime's cutoff point, there are roughly ten manga volumes' worth of content not yet covered that could easily span another two seasons. Despite the abundance of source material left to build on, the anime hasn't adapted the rest of the series.

Premiering in 2012, the My Little Monster anime has gone nine years without news from Brain Base Studio concerning further content. Already a popular comedy series during its debut, the anime enjoyed further success from its Netflix availability driving up demand for a Season 2 while also increasing manga sales.

While Brain Base Studio hasn't officially canceled or renewed the series, nine years is a long time for an anime to go on hiatus. The manga concluded in 2013, leaving the series with nothing left to promote and limited earning potential for a Season 2. While it's highly unlikely My Little Monster will receive a Season 2, more unexpected things have happened in the anime world. In the meantime, fans can find solace in its completed manga series.

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