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My Hero Academia: The 5 WORST Hero Costumes, Ranked

Jun 20, 2021 07:28 AM

In My Hero Academia, a Pro Hero's costume not only adds some flair to the character design but could prove helpful when differentiating between heroes and citizens. This extends to the students of U.A.'s hero course too, who eventually all received their own costumes. These unique outfits are designed with the student's Quirk in mind, along with other factors such as aesthetics and functionality.

Hero costumes range from iconic -- like Deku or All Might's -- to some that may have been better served with a few redesigns. While this is a subjective science, here are the worst My Hero Academia hero costumes based primarily on function, design and theme.


5. Momo Yaoyorozu/Everything Hero: Creati

Momo's hero costume is not the worst, but it's not the greatest either. If The Incredibles taught us anything, it's that capes can become a real hindrance -- especially if it gets caught in someone else's Quirk. Not to mention, it's wrapped around her neck, so if someone were to grab onto it, there could be an issue. That said, the cape is aesthetically pleasing, despite posing some potential problems.

The main argument against the costume is the revealing cut of the outfit, which is fairly scandalous for the young hero in training. However, the counterpoint could point towards functionality since she can create things out of her chest. It makes sense to leave that space unhindered by clothing, but it exposes her to the harsh elements and leaves her core vulnerable.

While it's a well-designed costume, the protective functionality is lacking. Though we haven't yet seen any of these disadvantages of Momo's outfit in the anime, it's not exactly the most efficient hero costume out there.


4. Shota Aizawa/Erasure Hero: Eraser Head

Even though Eraserhead is a Pro Hero and a teacher at U.A., his costume doesn't exactly scream, "I'm a hero!" It's a simple design, with the wraps/scarf he uses as a weapon and the yellow utility goggles. The costume is entirely black besides the goggles, and it exudes an aura of intimidation and almost menace -- having Eraserhead leaning fully towards a Batman-type hero.

That said, the function of his hero costume is perfect for his Quirk. However, it doesn't necessarily help identify him as a hero. While that may be intentional since subtlety is vital for some heroes, those looking for help may not see Eraserhead as the person to do so -- especially given his less than cheery demeanor. This costume is not necessarily a bad design, but it reflects Eraserhead's passion for comfort more than it does his desire to save people.


3. Tsunagu Hakamada/Fiber Hero: Best Jeanist

Best Jeanist certainly lives up to his name, with his entire hero costume decked out in pure denim. Still, his outfit is a bit weird and certainly doesn't give the impression that he's a Pro Hero. He doesn't even need a mask since his outfit's extremely high neck covers his face up to his eyes. Overall, it looks very casual -- almost like it's a piece of fashion instead of a hero costume. However, the costume makes sense functionally and goes along with his Quirk, Fiber Master.

Despite taking points for functionality and cohesion with his Quirk, Best Jeanist's outfit doesn't seem like it's meant for hero work. Although he is one of the top Pro Heroes, his costume could use some work.


2. Mina Ashido/Pinky

Pinky's hero costume is one of the worst-designed outfits in terms of aesthetics. While the colors of her bodysuit compliment her skin tone and hair, the addition of the cropped jacket and fur-lined collar completely ruin the outfit. Not only does it break several style no-no's, but it also doesn't fit with her Quirk at all. Her Quirk, Acid, is not represented or hinted at by her hero costume. Additionally, her knee-high boots don't match the rest of her outfit at all.

It seems reasonably functional, but the objective appearance of the costume is overall displeasing. It looks like it was thrown together quickly by someone who didn't care. There's nothing super special about it that reflects her role as a hero in training. If the costume doesn't change when she eventually becomes a Pro Hero, citizens may have a hard time identifying her as a hero.


1. Minoru Mineta/Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice

Mineta is not a fan-favorite in My Hero Academia, and his hero costume is equally as bad. While purple and yellow work well together, his short stature paired with the design doesn't do him any favors. The white pants around his waist look like a diaper and, coupled with his height, give the impression that Mineta is a baby. His giant gloves also stand out a lot, especially since we can see how small his arms are when they enter the gloves. They seem almost needless, considering his Quirk, Pop Off, is more about the balls on his head.

Overall, it's easily the worst hero costume. The design of the pants wrecks what could have been a viable hero outfit, and considering how fans react to his lewd remarks, he could have used something going in his favor. It doesn't make him look like a hero at all -- it makes him look like a little kid playing dress-up.


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