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Funimation Streams Mieruko-chan Horror Comedy TV Anime's English Dub

Dec 11, 2021 08:28 AM

Funimation announced on Friday that it will stream an English dub for the television anime of Tomoki Izumi's Mieruko-chan horror comedy manga, starting on Sunday.

The English cast includes:

  • Alexis Tipton as Miko
  • Sarah Wiedenheft as Hana
  • Lindsay Sheppard as Yulia
  • Suzie Yeung as Kyо̄suke
  • Elizabeth Maxwell as Tohko
  • Michael Sorich as Mamoru
  • Erica Schroeder as Arai
  • Dawn M. Bennett as Mao
  • Steven Kelly as Junji
  • Sarah Williams as Hitoe

Amber Lee Connors is directing the English dub at Sound Cadence Studios. She is also serving as line producer. Alexis Tipton, Daman Mills, Marissa Lenti, and Mike Haimoto are the assistant directors. Natalie Van Sistine is the lead ADR engineer. Patrick Morphy, Lindsay Roberts, Wyatt Baker, and Sawyer Pfledderer are ADR engineers. Jarrod Greene is writing the English script, and Emily Neves is supervising. Jennifer Alyx is incharge of ADR prep. Matt Grounds is the mixing and mastering engineer. Sarah Poulsen is the talent coordinator, and J. Michael Tatum is the production assistant.

The anime premiered on October 3, and Funimation is streaming the anime.

Yen Press publishes the manga in English, and it describes the story:

One day, Miko suddenly started seeing grotesque beings that others couldn't. Her response was not to run, not to face them, but to do everything she can to completely ignore them! Can she keep a straight face and continue her day-to-day life while surrounded by horrifying monsters?

Sora Amamiya is also performing the opening theme song "Mienai Kara ne!?" (Since You Can't See Them, Right!?) and the ending theme song "Mita na? Mita yo ne?? Miteru yo ne???" (You Saw It? You Saw It, Right?? You're Seeing It Right Now, Right???) as her character.

Yuki Ogawa (FLCL Progressive, Miru Tights, Interspecies Reviewers) is directing the anime at Passione. Kenta Ihara (Saga of Tanya the Evil, Cautious Hero, Shachibato! President, It's Time for Battle!) is supervising and writing the series scripts. Chikashi Kadekaru (Juni Taisen: Zodiac War, For Whom the Alchemist Exists) is designing the characters, and is also a chief animation director. Makoto Uno (High School DxD Hero, Interspecies Reviewers) is designing the monsters. Takahiro Majima (Interspecies Reviewers) and Shintarō Matsushima are serving as assistant director and directing assistant, respectively. Kana Utatane (RE-MAIN) is composing the music.

Source: Funimation (Nicholas Friedman)

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