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Crunchyroll Premieres Odd Taxi Anime's English Dub

Feb 15, 2022 02:34 AM

Crunchyroll announced on Monday that it has begun streaming an English dub for the original anime Odd Taxi. The company began streaming the first two dubbed episodes on Monday. Two new dubbed episodes will launch every Monday until March 21, when the final three episodes will stream.

Bill Millsap is directing the dub. The cast includes:

  • Mike McFarland as Hiroshi Odokawa
  • Lucien Dodge as Eiji Kakihana
  • Zeno Robinson as Taichi Kabasawa
  • Daman Mills as Ayumu Goriki
  • Lauren Landa as Miho Shirakawa
  • Sean Chiplock as Shun Imai
  • Caitlin Glass as Taeko Harada

The dub was originally scheduled to premiere on January 16.

The anime premiered in Japan in April 2021 and aired for 13 episodes. Crunchyroll streamed the anime in the West.

The story follows Odokawa, an eccentric, reticent 41-year-old taxi driver who has no relatives and does not have much to do with others. He does have conversations with his customers, including a college student who wants to go viral, a nurse hiding a secret, an unsuccessful comedian, a street rough, and an up-and-coming idol. These conversations lead him to a girl who has disappeared.

Manga creator Kadzuya Konomoto (Seto Utsumi) wrote the anime. Baku Kinoshita directed the anime with Norio Nitta as the assistant director. Kinoshita and Hiromi Nakayama designed the characters. Kohei Yoshida was the recording director at Pony Canyon Enterprise. PUNPEE VaVa OMSB were in charge of the music, and Pony Canyon was in charge of music production with collaboration by Summit, Inc. P.I.C.S. and OLM produced the anime. P.I.C.S. was also credited for the original work and planning. Skirt (singer-songwriter Wataru Sawabe's solo project) and rapper/DJ PUNPEE performed the show's opening theme song "Odd Taxi," and Suzuko Mimori performed the ending theme song "Sugarless Kiss."

Eiga Odd Taxi: In the Woods, the anime's film project will premiere in Japan on April 1. The television anime's main cast and staff are returning, and ASMIK Ace is distributing. Crunchyroll will stream the film.

The film is a "reconstruction" of the television anime episodes, but it also depicts what happens after the television anime's finale.

Takeichi Abaraya and Konomoto launched a manga adaptation of the anime in January 2021 on Shogakukan's digital manga label Superior Dalpana.

Source: Crunchyroll (Kyle Cardine)

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