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Crunchyroll Debuts The Dawn of the Witch Anime's English Dub on Thursday

Apr 21, 2022 08:12 AM

Crunchyroll announced on Tuesday that its English dub for the television anime of Kakeru Kobashiri's The Dawn of the Witch (Mahōtsukai Reimeiki) light novel series will debut with the first episode on Thursday at 4:45 p.m. EDT. The dub's cast, under ADR Director Jeremy Inman; assistant ADR Director Sara Ragsdale; ADR script writer Macy Anne Johnson; lead ADR engineer Jeremy Woods; assistant ADR engineers Ian Emerson, Derric Benavides, and Xavier Earl; and ADR mix engineer Andrew Tipps, includes:

  • Travis Mullenix as Saybil
  • Chelsea McCurdy as Albus
  • Amanda Lee as Zero
  • David Wald as Holdem
  • Monica Rial as Los
  • Joe Cucinotti as Kudo
  • Kimmie Britt as Hort
  • Josh Putnam as The Tyrant
  • Anthony DiMascio as Male Underling 1A
  • Kelsey Maher as Female Student 1A
  • Dusty Feeney as Female Student 1B
  • Kristian Eros as Male Student 1A
  • Jacob Eisman as Male Student 1B
  • Ashley Thereon Male Student 1C
  • Quinn Angell as Male Student 1D
  • Matt Holmes as Male Student 1E

The anime premiered on April 7. Crunchyroll is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan.

The light novel series is set in the same fantasy world as Kobashiri's (Grimoire of Zero) Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho light novel series, now at peace after having endured a conflict between the church and witches for 500 years. However, embers of war still burn in some regions of the world. The story centers on Saybil, a hopeless student at the Kingdom of Wenias' College of Magic. Saybil has somehow lost all memory of his time before attending the college. The school's headmaster Albus sends him for special training to the southern part of the continent, where persecution against witches runs strong.

Satoshi Kuwabara (The Quintessential Quintuplets, Girlfriend, Girlfriend) is directing the anime and handling series composition at Tezuka Productions. Kobashiri and Mayumi Morita (Black Jack 21) are credited for literature. Reina Iwasaki is designing the characters. Minoru Nishida (Yasuke) is in charge of the art setting, and Yumi Aburaya (Adachi and Shimamura) is handling the color design. Wataru Uchida (Conquest) is in charge of editing. Satoshi Motoyama (The irregular at magic high school) is the sound director, and Bit Grooove Promotion is the sound producer. Kobashiri is credited with the original work. Light novel illustrator Takashi Iwasaki is credited for the original character design.

The duo fripSide performs the opening theme song "dawn of infinity," while the ▽▲TRiNITY▲▽ group performs the ending theme song "Imprinting."

Source: Crunchyroll (Liam Dempsey)

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