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Attack on Titan Final Season has a new trailer for its last episode

Mar 10, 2021 02:14 AM

Attack on Titan Final Season is nearing its last episode, and Crunchyroll has a brand-new trailer to build the hype. The final episode of this season will be episode 16, which is set to air on March 28, but it’s not exactly clear how it’s going to wrap up the story.

As you might have been able to guess based on where this season was headed, the trailer for the final episode includes a lot of battles. The trailer doesn’t give much away, frequently cutting from one bloody or explosive scene to the next, without spoiling much of what’s coming.

One thing that fans might find a little odd, though, is that the trailer’s title very specifically says that it’s for the season finale, not the series finale. This is extra notable because the Attack on Titan manga, which provides the anime with its source material, won’t end until April 9 and is already significantly ahead of the anime. So, what happens next?

There are a few possibilities for the anime series after this “finale” airs. Most simply, it could just round out the story with a completely different ending than the manga will have. However, since the anime has followed the manga so far, it seems unlikely that the show will simply end here, or create an entirely different ending.

Another possibility is that Attack on Titan Final Season will actually have a second part, which could air sometime later this year, or even in 2022.

The last few chapters of the manga could also get wrapped up in a feature-length movie or two. With the recent resounding success of the Demon Slayer movie, which adapted a full arc from the manga into a nearly two-hour movie, it could be the perfect finale for a series that’s as globally popular as Attack on Titan.

We don’t yet have official word on what the future holds for Attack on Titan. For now, fans will have to be content with Attack on Titan Final Season’s “season finale” on March 28, and the final chapter of the manga, which is set to be released on April 9.

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