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Ascendent Animation Reveals English Dub Cast for Everything for Demon King Evelogia Anime

May 27, 2022 04:20 AM

Ascendent Animation announced the English dub cast for its dub of the ComicFesta Anime of Kajiwara's isekai fantasy boys-love manga Everything for Demon King Evelogia (Maō Evelogia ni Mi o Sasage yo or Reincarnated Into Demon King Evelogia's World) on Tuesday. The cast includes:

  • Ciarán Strange as Evelogia
  • Patrick M. Seymour as Gozu/Young Gozu
  • Elsie Lovelock as Tishia
  • Will de Renzy-Martin as MacKiddie
  • Edwyn Tiong as Merchant
  • Bradley Gareth as Eve's Father
  • Aimee Smith as Eve's Mother
  • Steve Warky Nunez as Lead Mobster
  • Chelsea Simmons as Young Boy 1A
  • Kirsten Candelore as Young Boy 1B
  • John Montoya as Assassin
  • Darnell Anderson-Lloyd as Male Townsperson 4C
  • Justice Washington as Innkeeper
  • Lisle Wilkerson as Festival Woman 9C

Steven Aries, Julie Rei Goldstein, Ashley Rose Kaplan, Darrel Guilbeau, Venus Carey, Reece Bridger, Ryan Hoyle, Sean Tay, Lisle Wilkerson, Chelsea Simmons, Kirsten Cadelore, Danielle McRae, Kevin Frane, Dominique Dinh, and Shane Tay are credited for additional voices.

The staff for the dub includes:

  • Executive Producer: K. Cornell Kellum
  • ADR Directors: Patrick M. Seymour, Kiba Walker
  • ADR Scriptwriter: Kiba Walker
  • Adapters: Patrick M. Seymour; Jonathan Hinga
  • Translation: Kevin Frane
  • ADR Engineering: Steve Warky Nunez
  • Timing: Kiba Walker
  • ADR Mixing: Steve Warky Nunez
  • Localization Supervisor: Kevin Frane
  • Quality Assurance: Paul Davey; Danny Miller, Brian Rollins; Sean Tay; Shane Tay
  • Talent Sourcing: Reece Bridger - No Studio in Particular; Cole Feuchter - Azrion Productions
  • Office Manager: Katrina Caffeine

Unlike many of the previous ComicFesta Anime projects, the main Japanese cast is the same for both the "on-air version" and the more explicit "premium version" of the anime.

Sanae Nagi directed the anime at Studio Hōkiboshi, and Nagi also wrote the scripts with Eeyo Kurosaki (Overflow, The Titan's Bride, Fucked by My Best Friend). Yōko Iwakura designed the characters, and Iwakura and Hisashi Nakamoto served as chief animation directors.

Ami Hoshino was the color key artist. Ayumi Aso (Makaria) was the art designer, and Momoko Satō was the art director. Takashi Yanagida was the compositing director of photography, and Kōki Shinkai was the editor. Ayako Misawa directed the sound at BlackFlag.

The anime's premium version premiered first on the AnimeFesta service in September. It then aired on the Tokyo MX channel on October 1 before running on BS11. ComicFesta Anime's YouTube channel and other services also stream the on-air version.

The story begins when an aimless young man named Toshiaki Gozu is killed on page 3, and resurrected as a background character in a game world he has been playing. Gozu encounters the Demon King Evelogia, the game's last boss whom Gozu has adored since he was little. Gozu begins to woo Evelogia by admitting, "I fell in love with you." Together, they aim to conquer the world.

Kajiwara (also written as Kaziwara) launched the manga on the ComicFesta and Mecha Comic digital services in Japan in April 2020, and the Coolmic service is releasing the manga in English with this teaser: "'Good, make me your owner.' The strongest couple to conquer the other world appears!?"

The new anime is part of the "AnimeFesta" (also known as "ComicFesta Anime") series of anime shorts that have been streaming and airing since April 2017.

Source: Press release

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