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Animated 'Sayonara, Tyranno' Film's 1st 6 Minutes Posted in Japanese Online

Nov 26, 2021 01:14 AM

Toei began streaming the first six minutes of Sayonara, Tyranno (Annyeong, Tyrano: Yeong-wonhi, Hamkke or My Tyrano: Together, Forever), the Chinese-Japanese-South Korean co-produced animated film based on Tatsuya Miyanishi's Tyrannosaurus series of children books, on Friday. The film will open in Japan on December 10.

Animated 'Sayonara, Tyranno' Film's 1st 6 Minutes Posted in Japanese Online

The film was originally planned to open in Japan in early summer 2020, but was delayed indefinitely due to the ongoing new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

The Japanese cast includes:

  • Shinichiro Miki as Tyrano, a tyrannosaurus rex who is afraid of the dark
  • Kaori Ishihara as Punon, a pteranodon who cannot fly
  • Aoi Yūki as Tops, a triceratops who has been separated from its parents

The other cast members include Katsuyuki Konishi, Kikuko Inoue, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Nobuyuki Hiyama, and Unshou Ishizuka.

Korean company Media Castle, Korea Investment Partners, and Beijing Resolution financed the film. The film opened in South Korea last August.

Kobun Shizuno (Godzilla anime trilogy, Detective Conan films) directed the film at Tezuka Production. Oscar-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (The Last Emperor, The Revenant) scored the music, his first for an anime film since Wings of Honneamise 33 years ago. Marisuke Eguchi is the animation director. Dai Sato, Kimiko Ueno, and Naohiro Fukushima penned the script. Hanaregumi and kotringo perform the film's theme song "Rakuen o Futari de" (Together Into Paradise).

Entertainment news magazine Variety describes the film: "Hello, Tyranno sees the adventure and love story between a male tyrannosaurus that looks aggressive but does not make a kill and a female pteranodon."

Since Miyanishi began the Tyrannosaurus book series in 2003, it has two million copies in print. The books inspired the 2010 film You Are Umasou, which earned the top first-day audience satisfaction rating from the Pia service, as well as a high 4.22 rating from Yahoo! Movies Japan reviews. The second film, Anata o Zutto Aishiteru, opened in Japan on June 6, 2015. The books also inspired a Miyanishi Tatsuya Gekijō: Omae Umasou da na, series of television anime shorts in 2010.

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