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10 Anime you can't not miss if you love Code Geass

Feb 24, 2021 07:41 AM

Code Geass is one of the more compelling and surprising anime series to come around in the past few decades and it’s a show that’s very hard to define. Code Geass features a gripping war between nations and a twisted protagonist that casually shifts into the series’ villain, but at its core, it fits into the mecha genre of anime.

Let's check out other anime that dabble in similar territory.

10. Guilty Crown And Code Geass Are Both Set In War-Torn Realities Where Mechas Are Key

Much like Code Geass, Guilty Crown is set in a fantastical version of history that sees Japan in danger of taking over and assimilation. Mechas are used in both of these anime as the primary tools of combat and warfare and there are even suspiciously comparable designs present in both series and Shu's mission begins in a very similar way as Light's journey. The big difference between the two is that Lelouch becomes increasingly and the spark that ignites the larger rebellion, whereas Shu is merely a cog in the war and doing his best to restore a balance.

9. Darker Than Black Casts Its World Into Danger As Mysterious Heroes Arise

Darker than Black is set in a tumultuous version of the world where a cataclysm was caused when a supernatural hub known as the Hell's Gate appears in Tokyo. What follows is a seismic change of reality and the introduction of individuals with very special powers. The awakening of Hei's powers isn't dissimilar to what Lelouch experiences and there's the same resistance aspect to both anime as much of the world's population in these scenarios are pushing into hiding. Hei handles his powers in a more responsible manner than Lelouch, but their paths aren't completely different.

8. Death Note And Code Geass Both Feature Corrupted Protagonists

At a first glance, it may not look like there's a lot of common ground between Code Geass and Death Note, an anime that's bereft of mecha and instead involves a powerful and deadly book and the presence of Shinigami. 

However, the reason that Code Geass and Death Note are so often considered to be companion pieces is that the protagonists are tortured in a very similar manner. Death Note'sLight begins with altruistic goals, but he becomes corrupted, just like Lelouch Lamperouge, and by the end of the series he's more of a liability than any sort of hero.

7. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Divides Humanity And Deals With The Fallout

There are now dozens of Mobile Suit Gundam series that have been produced over the years, but Mobile Suit Gundam SEED introduces the Cosmic Era to the franchise and presents a story that's quite alike to Code Geass. War is typical for a Gundam program, but the Cosmic Era divides humanity in half between the regular individuals and those that have become genetically altered to be advanced and ideal as mecha pilots. This schism between humanity touches on the same themes that Lelouch struggles with during his rebellion in Code Geass, yet handles them even more eloquently at times.

6. Kill La Kill Puts Humanity At War, But Not Through Mechas

Kill la Kill has built a strong reputation over the years and it’s an iconic series from the production studio, TRIGGER, who tend to excel and exceed expectations when it comes to their artwork and design skills. Kill la Kill tells a deeply exaggerated story where living fibers invade Earth and become vital tools in a complex battle for control of the planet. Ryuuko is a reluctant hero in this war, but it’s fascinating to see her come into her own and how the microcosm of the school’s council is reflected in the fallout of the entire planet. 

5. Eureka Seven: AO Creates A Strong Mech Pilot Who Just Wants Answers

The original Eureka Seven is a mecha series that still conjures energy that's comparable to Code Geass, but its follow-up series, Eureka Seven: AO, is an even more apt fit. Eureka Seven: AO has a young boy named Ao as its lead who uses an advanced mecha to gain answers about his missing mother. 

Ao remains pure, but his journey bears a lot in common with Code Geass' Lelouch. It's an anime that deals with similar ideas but through a fundamentally different kind of protagonist.

4. RahXephon Understand A Heavy Malaise And The Need For Meaning In Chaos

RahXephon is a challenging mecha series that doesn't get enough attention, but it truly tries to help the mecha genre evolve in a way that's similar to Neon Genesis EvangelionRahXephondeals with a disaffected teenage mech pilot protagonist who doesn't have nearly as much power or agency as Lelouch Lamperouge in Code Geass, but they both feel the same level of complacency. RahXephon's Ayato Kamina is desperate to find purpose in his life and scared to see what might give him validation in the end, which is a discovery that pushes Lelouch past the point of redemption.

3. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Is A Sunnier Take On Code Geass’ Concepts

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Code Geass are both chaotic mecha series that deal with a world in turmoil, but Gurren Lagann is the brighter and more action-oriented of the two anime series. Both of these shows explore how war is full of casualties and something that should be minimized rather than exploited, but Code Geass wallows more in the moral ramifications of these decisions. Gurren Lagann is a series for people who want to get lost in abstract visuals and not face overwhelming depression.

2. Steins;Gate And Code Geass Both The Double-Edged Nature Of Great Power

Steins;Gate is a thrilling anime series that fearlessly broaches heady and complicated material such as time travel and existential paradoxes, but it rises to the occasion at every opportunity and creates an anime that's as clever as it is action-packed. Steins;Gate and Code Geass deal with a different subject matter, but they're alike in the sense that the protagonists in both series are chosen individuals with special powers that can either fix or ruin the world. Lelouch crumbles to this temptation, but Steins;Gate builds suspense over whether its characters can remain on the proper path.

1. Aldnoah.Zero Pushes The Importance Of Strategy In War

Aldnoah.Zero is an anime that understands the cost of war as much as Code Geass does and it presents a world where the casualties are already in the millions and significant losses have been faced. This leaves the characters in a crucial position where the only way to turn things around is with the perfect strategy and use of their mecha technology. Code Geass is just as driven on a smart battle plan and how characters need to be several moves ahead of the enemy, only Aldnoah.Zero leaves its heroes substantially more defenseless

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