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Other name: シヴァ

Shiva is the Hindu god of creation and destruction. After being denied to fight three consecutive times by the Greek pantheon, he finally became the gods' representative for the fifth round of Ragnarök.

Shiva is shown to have four arms, a pair on top of his shoulders. He has five eyes, however only three are shown when he's calm. All five eyes are opened when he is angry. There are also those stripes of bandanas crossing his head. His trousers are baggy and airy and he has no shoes.

Shiva is introduced as a carefree, proud, and powerful god. However, he has shown violent tendencies, even against Zeus himself but stood down when the odds were not in his favor This is further reinforced when he boldly became shocked by what his opponent thinks of Ragnarök, stating that it is the best event.

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