Shy 2nd Season

Shy 2nd Season

Type: Summer 2024 Anime

Plot Summary:

Shy has grown up a little after fighting against the 'Amalareik,' led by the mysterious boy Stigma. When she returns to Japan, she meets a girl named Ai Tennouji who has run away from her ninja village. Ai tells Shy that she left the village to chase a member of the 'Amalareik.' Meanwhile, an incident occurs in which Tokyo is suddenly enveloped in a black ball and disappears. The heroes are dispatched to rescue Tokyo.

Genre: Action, Drama, Shounen, Super Power

Released: 2024

Status: Ongoing

Country: Japanese

Other name: Shy: Tokyo Dakkan-hen, Shy: Tokyo Recapture Arc, Shy Season 2, シャイ 東京奪還編

Aired: 2024

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