Odd Taxi (Dub)

Odd Taxi (Dub)

Type: Spring 2021 Anime

Plot Summary:

Eccentric and blunt, the walrus Hiroshi Odokawa lives a relatively normal life. He drives a taxi for a living, and there he meets several unique individuals: the jobless Taichi Kabasawa who is dead-set on going viral, the mysterious nurse Miho Shirakawa, the struggling comedic duo "Homo Sapiens," and Dobu, a well-known delinquent. But Odokawa's simple way of life is about to be turned upside-down. The case of a missing girl the police have been tracking leads back to him, and now both the yakuza and a duo of corrupt cops are on his tail. Set in a strangely familiar city filled with unusual individuals, Odd Taxi is a bizarre story about a humble taxi driver and the mystery of a lost high schooler.

Genre: Mystery

Released: 2021

Status: Completed

Country: Japanese

Other name: オッドタクシー

Aired: 2021

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