Akihabara Dennou-gumi: 2011-nen no Natsuyasumi

Akihabara Dennou-gumi: 2011-nen no Natsuyasumi

Type: Movie

Plot Summary:

One year after Crane's visit to earth, Hibari dreams about him not being able to sleep well. So, she decides that the Cyberteam has to travel towards the Metatrone and find out if things are ok. Metatrone surveillance system has gone wild, and it's up to Hibari and her friends to fix things out and help Prince Crane.

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Released: 1999

Status: Completed

Country: Japanese

Other name: Cyber Team in Akihabara: 2011 Summer Vacations, 劇場版 アキハバラ電脳組 2011年の夏休み

Aired: 1999

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