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 Uesaka, Sumire

Uesaka, Sumire

Other name: すみれ , 上坂

Birthday: Dec 12, 1991

Birth place: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Country: Japanese


Uesaka Sumire is a voice actress currently affiliated with Space Craft Entertainment. Because of her interest in Russia she is also affectionately known under the nickname Sumipe (すみぺ, the letter R resembles a P in Russia's Cyrillic Alphabet). Other nicknames include Suminya (スミーニャ), because she likes to wear nekomimi accessory, and Gundanchou (軍団長, Corps Commander) because of her interest in military, especially tanks, and her radio show.

At the age of eight Uesaka was scouted by Space Craft Junior Commercial Talent right when she was going home after an EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency. Afterwards she appeared in a Japanese Vidal Sassoon CM. In 2009 she took part in the Web Radio@Dengeki Bunko web radio, where she became a regular between September 2009 and December 2011. During her work there she wanted to breath life into her work, which became one of her inspirations to aspire to become a voice actress. Her other inspiration w

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