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 Mimori, Suzuko

Mimori, Suzuko

Other name: すずこ , 三森

Birthday: Jun 6, 1986

Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Country: Japanese


Blood type: AB
Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Her nickname is Mimorin.

She was invited to perform as Sherlock Shellingford (Milky Holmes) in AFA2010 and made another appearance at AFA2013 as both Sherlock Shellingford (Milky Holmes) and Sonoda Umi (Love Live!).

In April 2013, she debuted as a solo artist with her debut single "Aitaiyo... Aitaiyo!"

Blog: http://ameblo.jp/mimorisuzuko
Twitter: @mimori_suzuko
Twitter (staff): @mimorincom

Company profile: http://bushiroad-media.com/voice_cast/mimori/

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