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Irino, Miyu

Irino, Miyu

Other name: 自由 , 入野 , KAmiYU, Miyu-Miyu, Miyu-kun


Birth place: Tokyo, Japan

Country: Japanese


Nicknames: Miyu-Miyu, Miyu-kun (usually tells people to call him that, instead of Miyu-Miyu)
Hometown: Tokyo, JapanBlood type: AB
Hobbies: dancing, play soccer, singing
Skills: playing the guitar, dancing, juggling
- Fruit: watermelon
- Saying: "I gotta believe!"
- Non-favorite: tongue twisters

Cast Note
He voiced Sora from Kingdom Hearts series, and also played the leading role in the movie Monochrome Girl.

Music Activity
Since May 2010, he and Hiroshi Kamiya banded a Kiramune-unit called KAmiYU, and sing for Karneval anime ending song (Reason) and Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G theme song (My Pround, My Play). Two mini-albums and one single were released so far after that. As a solo

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